We're proud to be consistently recognized for our solutions and exemplary employees.


From our multi-asset class and unique data to our analytics and client service, FactSet has been continually distinguished as a leader by industry organizations and publications.

Below are a few of the awards FactSet has recently earned for its financial technology solutions and exceptional workplace:



    Award (Midnight) – Best Reporting System Provider, 2016-2018, 2020, 2022, 2023
    Award (Midnight) – WatersTechnology Asia Best Alternative Data Provider 2023 – 1
    Award (Midnight) – Best Cloud-Based 市场数据 Delivery Solution, 2023
    AsianPrivateBanker Best 市场数据 Solution
    Award (Midnight) – WatersTechnology Best Data Provider to the Sell Side 2023
    Award (Midnight) – WealthBriefing Best Data Provider 2023 – 1
    A-Team Innovation Awards 2023
    Award (Midnight) – Buy-Side Market Risk Management Product of the Year 2023
    waterstechnology-buy-side-awards-best-overall-technology-provider-to-the-buy-side-2022 (midnight)
    waterstechnology-buy-side-awards-best-esg-data-provider-to-the-buy-side-2022 (midnight)
    waterstechnology-buy-side-awards-best-buy-side-ems-2021-2022 (midnight)
    idc-fintech-rankings-2022 (Midnight)
    Best ESG Scores & Rating Provider A-Team ESG Insight 2022
    waters-rankings-best-data-analytics-provider-2022 (mid)
    waters-rankings-best-execution-management-system-EMS-2022 (mid)
    waters-rankings-best-alternative-data-provider-2020-2022 (mid)
    waters-rankings-best-reporting-system-provider-2016-2018-2020-2022 (mid)
    waterstechnology-asia-awards-best-alternative-data-provider-2022 (mid)
    environmental-finances-sustainable-investment-awards-2022-esg-data-provider-of-the-year-americas (mid)
    a-team-tradingtech-insight-best-alt-data-21-22 (mid)
    new-snowflake-marketplace-partner-of-the-year-financial-services-industry-2022 (mid)
    wealthbriefing-asia-best-client-reporting-solution-2022 (midnight)
    inside-market-data-inside-reference-data-product-service-of-the-year-2022 (midnight)
    inside-market-data-inside-reference-data-best-esg-data-provider-2022 (midnight) (mid)
    inside-market-data-inside-reference-data-best-alternative-data-provider-2022 (midnight)
    wealthbriefing-wealth-for-good-best-esg-data-solution-2022 (midnight)
    waterstechnology-sell-side-awards-best-overall-sell-side-technology-provider-2021 (midnight)
    wealthbriefing-european-awards-2022-best-data-provider-award (midnight)
    asian-private-banker-tech-awards-best-market-data-solution-2018-2021 (Midnight)
    best-data-information-or-business-intelligence-provider-2022 (midnight)
    fund-intelligence-operations-and-services-awards-best-da-provider–alternative-data-sources-2020-2022 (midnight)
    A-Team-data-management-insight-awards-2021-best-data-provider-to-the-buy-side (midnight)
    the-trade-leaders-in-trading-awards-2021-best-platform-reliability (midnight)
    the-trade-leaders-in-trading-awards-2021-best-market-access (midnight)
    waterstechnology-buy-side-awards-best-buy-side-client-reporting-platform-2021 (midnight)
    a-team-regtech-insigh-best-esg-regulatory-solution-2021-award (midnight)
    wealthtechasia-awards-2021-best-data-provider (midnight)
    asiarisk-awards-2021-esg-data-vendor-of-the-year (midnight)
    IDC-fintech-rankings-2021 (midnight)
    pensions-and-investment-provider-awards-esg-data-provider-of-the-year-2021 (midnight) (Midnight)
    waters-rankings-2021-best-performance-measurement-and-attribution-provider (midnight)
    goodacre-systems-in-the-city-2021-awards-best-market-data-system (midnight)
    WatersTechnology Asia Awards - Best ESG Data Provider, 2021 (midnight)
    Inside 市场数据 Awards 2021 - Best Overall Data Service Blue
    Inside 市场数据 Awards 2021 - Best Alternative Data Provider Blue
    A-Team Innovation Awards 2021 – Most innovative smart desktops Award (Midnight)
    A-Team Innovation Awards 2021 – Most innovative ESG initiative Award (Midnight)
    Fund Intelligence Operations and Services Awards 2021 - Award (Midnight)
    A-Team TradingTech Insight Awards Europe 2021 - Best Buy-Side EMS (Midnight)
    ESG Investing Awards 2021 - Truvalue Labs  – Best Independent House for ESG Research (Midnight) Markets Technology Awards 2021 | Alternative data vendor of the year (midnight)
    HFM US Technology Awards 2021 – Best Research Management Solution (Midnight)
    Chartis RiskTech 100 2021   – Midnight Badge
    FundTech Awards 2020 | Best Client Solution - Midnight Award
    FX Markets Asia Awards 2020 – Best Buyside FX Trading Platform Award (Midnight)
    Best IndependentHouse for ESG Research, 2020
    Best Alternative Data Provider, 2020 The Technical Analyst
    Best Data ProviderAlternative Data Sources, 2020
    Goodacre SITCA Award Best Performance Measurement System – 2020 Award (Midnight)
    WatersTechnology Buy-Side Tech Awards | Best BuySide Risk Platform 2020 | Midnight Badge
    WatersTechnology Buy-Side Tech Awards | Best BuySide EMS 2020 | Midnight Badge
    Best Disrupter ESG Data Providers, 2020
    Africa Global Funds Service Provider Awards 2020 | Best Risk Management Solution | Award  – Midnight Badge
    IDC FinTech Rankings 2020 - FactSet Ranked #30 (Midnight)
    Best AI-Machine Learning Data Initiative, 2020
    Inside 市场数据 Awards - Best Data Analytics Provider, 2019-2020 (Midnight)
    Inside 市场数据 Awards - Best Alternative Data Initiative 2019-2020 (Midnight)
    FX Markets e-FX Awards 2020 - Best Trading Software for FX (Midnight) 2020 Industry Awards Best Technology Provider - Client Portals (Midnight)
    Waterstechology Asia Awards - Best Data Analytics Solution, 2020 (Midnight)
    FTF Best Client Reporting Solution, 2020 Award (Midnight)
    WealthBriefing Asia – Best Client Reporting Solution 2020 Award (Midnight)
    Award (Midnight) – GBPTW23
    America’s Most Responsible Companies 2023
    award (midnight) – philippines-best-employers-2023
    Phil Snow - Gartner CEO Talent Champion, 2022
    Award (Midnight) – Best Company for Women 2022
    Award (Midnight) – Best Tech Company 2022
    Awards Human Rights Campaign Best Place to Work for LGBTQ 2016 – 2020 Midnight
    Waters Technology Women in Technology and Data Awards Risk Professional of the Year 2018
    Waters Technology Women in Technology and Data Awards Engineer/Programmer of the Year 2018
    Awards Great Place to Work UK Great Place to Work Master 2008 - 2018
    Awards Fortune Best Workplaces in Finance and Insurance 2016 – 2017
    Awards Fortune Best Large Workplaces in New York 2017
    Awards Great Place to Work UK Best Workplaces in IT 2017
    Awards TheJobCrowd Top Companies for Graduates to Work in the UK 2014 - 2017
    Awards Fortune Best Companies to Work For 2008 – 2016
    Awards 2020 Women on Boards Winning W Company 2016
    Awards Forbes America’s 100 Socially Just Companies 2016
    Awards Great Place to Work Best Workplaces in France 2012 – 2016
    Awards Fortune Best Workplaces for Millennials in the U.S. 2015 – 2016
    Awards Fatherly Best Places to Work for New Dads 2016

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